Barahona Surfboards began 30 years ago following mentorship from Phil Becker, who, churning out 11 boards a day in his longstanding career, has likely hand-shaped more surfboards than anyone in existence.  Jose Barahona, along with Oscar and Jimmy Barahona work together with great attention to detail on every surfboard that passes through their hands.

The Barahona's service a customer base from Santa Barbara to San Diego, take walk-in clients at their location in Hermosa Beach, and have the ability to ship internationally. They have worked in Hermosa Beach for a combined 85 years perfecting their craft in airbrushing, sanding, shaping, ding repair, and much more in the surf realm.


30 years ago Jose Barahona was guided into the surf world by mentoring hands of Hap Jacobs, Phil Becker, Jeff Stoner, and many other legends of the shaping scene. Oscar Barahona, Jose’s brother, was the first of the Barahonas to fall into the surf scene, with Jose following closely behind in his footsteps during his teenage years. Humbly beginning by sweeping shop floors, Jose quickly moved from hand-sanding with Oscar to airbrushing, then to ding repair. Soon after, Jose shaped his first board with Becker and immediately knew what he would be doing for the rest of his years.  He now shapes out of Becker's old room, where Phil made over 100,000 boards, with the same planar he was given by Jeff Stoner.

The Barahona family loves making surfboards and loves dedicating time to customers to help build them exactly what they are looking for. Jose has shaped surfboards for Lance Carson, longboard icon featured in Endless Summer, as well as Laird Hamilton, and services a myriad of professionals.  Though he is known for precision in traditional longboards, he excels at everything long to short; anything from a 1930's style Kook Box to a speedy twin-fin. Whatever gets people in the water, gets him stoked.