Ben Goldstein

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Ben's dad, Adam, taught him how to surf when he was 11, and from then on Ben became a fish.  Goldstein has been been riding Barahona surfboards for the past four years - mostly traditional longboards, but recently experimenting with progressive high performance longboards and mid sized vessels. At only 17, he competes Nationally in Surfing America contests, where Goldstein recently placed 3rd in 18 and under in his biggest contest yet.  His surfing career continues to peak - 2016 being his best year yet, with 2017 scores looking to best even those.  

He lives in Carlsbad Ca, where he goes to Carlsbad high school and competes on the surf team, and surfs mainly between Oceanside and Cardiff.  He is a dedicated student, working hard in and out of the water and will be applying to UC coastal colleges this year.

Most weekends are spent with his family, who all surf, at the beach.  Other than water activities, Ben is a devoted rock climber, spending many hours bouldering at gyms or exploring California, and also plays the saxophone.  Rather than long walks on the beach, he prefers long rights along reef breaks

Eventually, Ben has plans to take on the WSL for longboarding and is stoked for what the future will bring!