Christian Stutzman



Christian Stutzman began surfing soon after he could barely stand.  After spending his first days on a board with his water - loving family at just two years old at San Onofre State beach, he was completely hooked.  The first 15 years of Christian’s life were spent in San Clemente, where he fell in love with longboarding at that very same beach.  Since then he’s been residing in San Diego, and you can find him surfing his home break of Cardiff for hours every day.  Living in the wave garden of San Diego, Christian subsequently picked up a shortboard - and now loves riding anything in the realm of 5 ft fishes to 10 ft logs.

Christian has been competing in surf contests since 1999, when he was four years old. Since then, he’s been a regular top competitor in a myriad of events. He’s claimed two separate Scholastic State Longboard titles – one in high school and one in college - multiple Coalition Surf Club contest wins, and many first - place finishes at the South Bay Boardriders Club contests.  His classic talent and style has earned his way into many professional contests, most recently winning third place in both the Open and Noseride division at the Guy Takayama Pro contest in Oceanside.

When he isn’t surfing in the summer, Christian spends his days working as a lifeguard for the State of California, and also enjoys playing guitar, bodysurfing, and hanging out with friends at the beach.