Dave Schaefer


Dave Schaefer, nicknamed "Narly Dave" by "Buttons" Kaluhiokalani, is the Barahona team's - and ultimately the South Bay's - truly experienced waterman.  At the age of 6 the genesis to surfing began, just after his mom bought a sailboat in a nearby King Harbor slip.

It's hard for him to remember any time during his childhood spent East of his Hermosa Beach childhood home.  Surfing, sailing, and fishing - sometimes spent from 4am to 4pm on weekends at the young age of 12 - dominated his life.

After a very watery experience sailing and surfing in high school, he spent nearly 6 years spent fishing in Kodiak, Alaska, and traversed many rarely trodden places such as Neah Bay - the tip of the Olympic Peninsula.  A long stint in central cal gave him the opportunity to master many quiet California breaks, and he eventually came back to Southern California to work for LA City Fire in 2000.  Now a boat captain, Dave is still on the water daily, and is the emblem of his grandmother's motto - Dont Just Surf.