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Full Name:

Melia Haller




Santa Barbara, CA



Where do you currently live?

Santa Barbara, CA

What's your favorite local spot to surf?

Rincon or Leadbetter Beach on big swells.

Favorite Place to Surf:

Queen’s Waikiki, HI

Favorite Trick:

Hang ten for sure, but I am currently working on hang heels : ). 

Favorite Board:

My 9’0 log made by Jose. It gives long noserides and super smooth turns. It is perfect for getting through small sections on glassy days at Rincon.

Who are your sponsors?

Good Surf Wax, Kuleana Sun Protection, Chubby Surf, Flojos Sandals, Single Fin Life, DRD4 Fins

What are some of your favorite bands/singers?

I literally listen to everything. It depends what I want to listen to, but I usually like Luke Bryan, Cardi B, Odezsa, or Jack Johnson.

What are your favorite TV shows / movies?

Friends, Caddyshack, Mamma Mia, Greys Anatomy, and La La Land.

How did you get started surfing?

My dad pushed me into waves when I was 9 and I have loved it ever since then.

What are some of your other (non-surfing) hobbies?

Golfing, Filmmaking, and a little Photography

What was your first board?

Baby Blue 6’8 Donald Takayama Scorpion.

What was your first car?

I don’t have my license yet, but my first car is going to be my parents Mini Cooper.

Who is your favorite pro?

Kelia Moniz and Kassia Meador

If you could go surfing with one would be ________?

Kelia Moniz

If you could go surfing anywhere it would be ____________?

I would surf at either Noosa Beach Australia or La Saladita Mexico.

What was your first surf trip?

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii with my family many years ago.

Do you have any upcoming trips planned?

I am heading to Waikiki in the beginning of this summer and I am trying to convince my family to go to La Saladita in August : ).

What is your favorite competition?

Probably MSA at Malibu First Point or Logjam at Pleasure Point Santa Cruz.

What was your biggest win?

Placing 1st overall in all high schools from Morro Bay to Santa Monica as only a freshman.

What was your scariest moment in the water?

Being surrounded by like 4 seals at once 😂.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

surfing in super cold water with no wetsuit on because I forgot mine  😂.


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