Melia Haller

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Melia Haller, at only 14 years old, has the grace of a veteran ladyslider.  Melia lives in Santa Barbara and has always loved being in the water - whether surfing, swimming, bodysurfing, or just playing in waves.  She's been surfing since age 9, but recently took up longboarding a mere 2 years ago. 

She's excited to be attending Santa Barbara High School this fall, and especially excited to be a part of their surf team. She's also a part of the Hope Ranch Surf Club that competes in many club contests.

Haller currently competes in SSS, local contests, coalition contests, as well as NSSA contests. She's placed 2nd twice in the SSS series, and 2nd in the MSA Classic 2016 and Log Jam 2017.  Melia recently placed 5th in the SSS State Contest with all school surf clubs in the state of California.  She has traveled up and down the coast of California as well as Hawaii and Costa Rica to surf a bounty of waves over the past few years. She hopes to take her Barahona board to Mexico and Australia in the future to slide along some different types of breaks. She is so grateful to be a part of the Barahona Team - "Jose shaped my favorite board in my life so far and I know that I will continue to love the boards he crafts by hand."