Morgan Sliff



Morgan Sliff loves water.  Her mom would have to feed her dinner in the tub as a child because she would refuse to get out.

Listening to tales of her grandmother growing up in Hawaii, she was fascinated by surfing from a young age.  When she started at 6 years old, she was hooked - childhood summers from then on were spent at long awaited surf camp.

Sliff competes in coalition contests up and down the coast of California and lives for adventure.  In one year, she surfed 3 different countries and 1 Great Lake, and just passed a two-year in a row daily surf streak.  

Besides surfing, Morgan loves reading, traveling, helps run surf tours with AST Adventures, is freelance writer, and is always up to new projects.  She hangs her hat in Hermosa Beach and likes to longboard South Bay waves, but on any occasion she is could be anywhere in between Santa Cruz to San Diego.

Morgan loves Barahona boards, and is so proud to be a member of the Barahona team.  Jose has made every magic board she's owned, and one of her favorite things to do is watch Jose shape his masterpieces.