Full Name:

Morgan Sliff




Hermosa Beach, CA



Where do you currently live?

Hermosa Beach, CA

What’s your favorite local spot to surf?

South side of the Hermosa beach pier most days!  El porto on occasion, also.

Favorite place to surf?

So hard to pick just one!  I loveeee Doheny on a strong, solid swell, and I recently got introduced to Cardiff over the past few years - that and Rincon also.

Favorite Trick?

Lately I've been doing something weird and I don't even know what to call it - going from prone paddling to an immediate cheater 5.  I'm always aiming for a smooth hang 10, and currently working on hang heels.

What’s your favorite board?

At the moment, my 9'4 log from Jose Barahona that has no name.  it's the mystery model.  Heavy but SUPER responsive, and a quite pulled-in, small nose, but it noserides soooo well in the pocket.  It's been helping me with better noseride positioning.

Who are your other sponsors?

West Path, Jonesea Wetsuits, SIN-MIN, and Nicaragua Craft Beer Company!

What are some of your favorite bands/singers?

There's zero continuity in my music taste.  I love Nina Simone, Kimbra, Sylvan Esso, Marian Hill, Devil Makes Three, Iration... but the current song on repeat on my head is the theme song to Moana = ).

Where do you work?

I worked as a nursing staffer for years but was finally able to leave my desk job in 2017.  Right now, I do freelance copywriting and for tons of different clients, from travel to sports to science, tech, fashion, and more.

What are your favorite TV shows / movies?

Game of Thrones!  I also love the movie Boondock Saints.

How did you get started surfing?

My grandmother grew up on Oahu and my godmother was a pro longboarder - both filled me with intrigue from when I was a little girl.  I asked Santa for a surfboard before having ever stood up on one.

What are some of your other (non-surfing) hobbies?

I love rock climbing, reading, writing, and eating!

What was your first board?

My first board was an LC-3 shaped by Phil Becker.

What was your first car?

It was a 91' Toyota Camry.

Who is your favorite pro?

Chloe Calmon.  Her style is so effortless, and she seems like such a great human.  I actually saw her at a competition last year and very awkwardly ran up and told her that I loved her surfing, and then ran away.  Ha.

If you could go surfing with one would be ________?

My little brother, David.  He passed away this past year.

If you could go surfing anywhere it would be ____________?

I really want to surf Scorpion Bay, Mexico.

What was your first surf trip?

My first real trip was actually a few years ago - to Nicaragua.

Do you have any upcoming trips planned?

Have done a ton of traveling this past year, so looks like I'm staying put and exploring home for a while = ).

What is your favorite competition?

I love doing the Hotdogger in Hermosa Beach!

What was your biggest win?

I won the GOTT/Velzy longboard contest in 2016 against some stacked competition and a few of my idols.  I was pretty stoked.

What was your scariest moment in the water?

I think when I got slammed headfirst into the Pismo pier.  That kinda sucked.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

There's been quite a few.  One involved realizing my swimsuit top wasn't on correctly... for a while.  Oops.