Brendan Simmons


Brendan Simmons has become a world-famous surfer who has spent more than half his life traveling around the world in search of the perfect wave.

Along the way he has competed in multiple local and international contests but prefers free surfing. He approaches every wave different and pulls out the best board he sees fit for that wave which has resulted in his vast knowledge to ride any style of board.

Brendan specializes in long boarding and even then he combines traditional style with performance moves and then jumps on a short board mixing soulful bottom turns into fast snaps off the lip.

Out of the water Brendan is a photographer and videographer which has won him multiple awards including 8 Emmy awards. Brendan also is a strong believer in charity work and giving back to his community and those in need around the world. Brendan is a true Ambassador to surfing and tries to spread Aloha wherever he goes.

Stay updated with Brendan Simmons at @brendansimmons